BEACH FOSSILS @ Monster Island Basement (Brooklyn) (1/16/10)


BEACH FOSSILS @ Monster Island Basement (Brooklyn) (1/16/10)


BEACH FOSSILS is a jam! I went in expecting to hear Time and Daydream, have a few beers and dip. Instead, I found myself smack in the middle of a bomb midnight dance party, proven by how the sweat cooled my neck as I exited the venue. These bros are real. There are 4 of them: two guitars, a bass & a drummer (1 snare / 1 tom). Lead singer Dustin Payseur is an excellent front man. He cares about the show. He cares about his audience. Knowing his melodies carry these songs, and maybe having a bit of showman in him, he constantly demands for more vocals (not just in the monitor). And with good reason, these songs boast incredibly infectious melodies.

BEACH FOSSILS is another band in a long line of acts recently popping up in the trending Lo-fi beach rock genre. They may very well be one of the genre’s best. The most telling thing about these fellas, and what makes me think their future shows will have less available dance floor realty, is that they love playing live. They all dance on stage, the whole time, at times even coming dangerously close to smacking guitars into eachother’s. The bassist, who is more important to this band than you will ever realize, turns his back to the crowd from the get and just goes at it in the back right corner of the stage. The drummer, looking a lot like GIRLS’ Christopher Owens, more than adequately makes due with his two drums. The rhythm guitarist is more than effective and is handsome (never hurts a band’s chances). And Payseur is a rock star. He knows you love his melodies and he knows you don’t live around the block, so he gives you what you came for. I will definitely see this band again. In fact, I can’t wait.

by: Brad Horenstein

BEACH FOSSILS: Vacation (Monster Island Basement 1/16/10)

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