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New Video For ARCADE FIRE’s “The Suburbs” [dir. Spike Jonze]

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[dir. Spike Jonze]

MP3 ARCADE FIRE: The Suburbs

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New Video For TOBACCO’s “Motorlicker”

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ALVIN RISK: “Someone”

ALVIN RISK is clearly a genius. He co-produced the phenomenal track Favorite One by D.C. art pop act PAINTED FACE, which is widely becoming acknowledged as one of 2010’s best tracks. Turns out he also produces his own material and it is unsurprising to find that his music is amazing. Just listen to the chorus on this jam. Disco heaven, fully equipped with upbeat guitar strokes, synth grooves, electronic white noise, his echoed sultry voice and the fact that this song will make you get off your ass.



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New Video For FLIGHT’s “Turns To Blood”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[dir. James Alexander Warren]

MP3 FLIGHT: Turns To Blood

Interview with FLIGHT’s Steven Bevilaqua.

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BIG TROUBLES: “Modern Intimacy”

If you loved MY BLOODY VALENTINE‘s classic album Loveless, than you’re going to get butterflies in your stomach when you hear Modern Intimacy by New Jersey shoegazers BIG TROUBLES. You’re gonna get nervous around it, gonna look at your feet when it’s near you, with a smirk on your face cuz you’ve got a crush, cuz it’s been many many years since someone hit this feel so hard. GIRLS did it with Morning Light last year, but this sound is so true to the day, and the entire LP is awash in the scene. Stream the whole album at BT’s bandcamp.

MP3 BIG TROUBLES: Modern Intimacy

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Though it has to be the easiest song in the world to remix with the original being so infectious and sunny, THE GOLDEN FILTER handle the task with care, and end up offering a nice electro take on the track. Sticking true to the song, and leaving much of what was there there, TGF adds their signature to parts of the track, hovering around the crescendos as a sort of crest embellisher, but always there at every step, inserting just the right amount of added energy at just the right times. TGF’s restraint is both a testament to how much respect they have for THE MORNING BENDERS‘ original while also being a reason this works so well. And remember, restraint from TGF is not like regular restraint; this is still a dance track, but it could have been much larger, and it’s great that it’s not.

Vodpod videos no longer available.



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